Pioneered by IDEX in October 2017, refined by Synthetix in July 2019, and implemented at scale by Compound in June 2020, liquidity mining (LM) has captured the imagination of dozens of protocols as a better way to distribute tokens.

A non-exhaustive list of liquidity mining programs from June-September 2020

The effect on the DeFi sector has been electrifying — Total…


P2P networks and blockchains are tales of many converging roads. While blockchain was invented in 2009, it combined multiple technologies from prior decades, such as Merkle trees (‘80), fault tolerance (‘89), linked timestamping (‘90), and proof-of-work (‘92). Similarly, the underlying components of P2P networks have also assembled themselves throughout the…

Dmitriy Berenzon

Research Partner @ 1kx // Alum Blockchain@Berkeley, Berkeley-Haas

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